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Land Run 100 (Halfway Point)

  • 03/16/2019
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Perkins, Oklahoma

Perkins, Oklahoma will serve as the halfway point for the Land Run 100, a bicycle race throughout Payne County and beyond.  Perkins will welcome 1800 riders to town that day between 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  There will be a block party on Thomas St. downtown during that time, complete with live music and local food offerings to entertain the crowds.  The Perkins community is encouraged to come down and show your support to these men and women competing.  Let's show them what Perkins is all about!  

"The Land Run 100 was created in 2013 for the love of sharing amazing roads in places where cyclists haven't been before. In late 2011, as the District Bicycles family was beginning to form, came the discovery that the rural roads surrounding Stillwater, OK offered virtually limitless potential for gravel cycling. Mile after mile of what most would call "B" roads revealed themselves as a growing community of cyclists ventured out to explore the beautiful country surrounding Stillwater.

The first Land Run linked 107 miles of red, rutted roads and featured over 6000 ft. of climbing and Carney, OK, as its halfway point. 121 riders braved the course that first year; today entries number over 1,700. 

Every year, the weather has been a defining characteristic of the Land Run 100. When rain falls on Oklahoma red dirt, the roads become unforgiving and in some cases unrideable. Stories of ruined derailleurs and miles-long sections of hike-a-bike through "peanut butter mud" that can swallow a shoe have become staples of the Land Run experience. But even when Oklahoma gravel is hard-packed, dusty, and fast - as it is most of the year - losing yourself on these country roads can evoke strength, grit, and resolve that you never knew you possessed. The spirit of the Land Run 100 is found in the will to redefine what is possible.

In 2019, the event embraces more riders than ever but also more than 150 runners, who have registered for the Land Run 50K and Land Run Double. Between the bike race and the foot race, entrants will be coming from 46 states, Canada, Brazil, Belgium and England. 

In 2013, when we invited our friends to come ride 100 miles of dirt, we never imagined the event would grow to be what it is today. We are beyond excited to offer you - whatever the weather - an amazing experience at the Land Run 100. See you in March."

Copied: https://landrun100.com/the-ride-story/ 


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