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  1. Theme/Guidelines: Parade float is highly encouraged to incorporate the United States Flag to show our patriotism and respect for our freedoms.

  2. Rules/Regulations:
• Float Design - Floats must include description of design under registration. All Floats must be of good quality and taste . Floats are subject to an approval process by the PCC Parade Committee.

• Float Drivers - All parade vehicles, which are not street legal, can only be driven in the parade. The height of each float is limited to 8 feet above the bed of the supporting vehicle, including participants. In no case will a float, vehicle or entry exceed a maximum height of 13’6”. Any float 50 feet in length or more must be approved by the Special Events Committee.

All items on floats and vehicles must be properly secured so as to not cause a hazard to any participant or spectator. All floats, vehicles and entries must have a person of the age of 21 or older as a participant and/or driver.

All drivers must have a current driver’s license and a copy of a valid vehicle insurance verification at the time of the parade. No person operating a vehicle or other moving equipment shall be permitted to operate a cellular device, including no texting, while in the parade route. All drivers must have a clear and unobstructed view in all directions. All drivers must have complete control of moving equipment at all times. Drivers cannot slowdown in order to speed up.

All drivers must maintain a forward motion at all times, with the exception of a 5-10 second pause directly in front of the judging trailer to announce each float.

• Float Riders - All persons riding on floats or vehicles shall only do so in a safe and reasonable manner, taking into consideration the movement of the floats and vehicles. No participant may leave the float, vehicle or entry at any time prior to the conclusion of the parade route. (They may not switch from riding the float to walking to riding the float again) Helmets must be worn by any rider/passenger under the age of 18 years on any scooter, go cart, motorcycle, ATV or any similar motorized vehicle or device. Participants are required to yield right of way to all emergency

• TRAFFIC CONTROL AND BARRICADES Barricades must be set, moved or removed by personnel authorized by City of Perkins only. No person, other than authorized city officials, shall place any sign or device intended to regulate the movement of traffic. No Parking is allowed in front of barricades. Signs or other material is prohibited from being affixed to any barricade by anyone other than city officials. Only police and other personnel authorized by the City of Perkins are permitted to direct traffic.

• PROMOTIONAL/CANDY HANDOUTS- Participants shall not throw, handout or project by any means, any items from parade entries. However, participants on foot are allowed to hand out candy and/or promotional items before and/or during the parade using the sidewalk and/or within 3 feet of the curb. Items may only pass from hand-to-hand. Under no circumstances are items to be thrown or tossed anywhere along the parade route.

  1. Parade Lineup - will begin at 9:30am starting at Middle School (Bandit) football field. Please enter on south side of Knipe & Industrial near Dixon Park.

 • Parade Floats will need to be in place by 10am.

  1. Parade Directions - will start moving east from Thomas - Kenworthy – south down second – turn east on Hert-turning north on Main – Each float to pause 5-10seconds in front of stage located west of City Hall. Parade will continue north on main turning west on Chantry Street – then releasing past first street.
  1. Parade Judging - will determine 1st-3rd place winners based on compliance with the parade theme and their originality, creativity and crowd appeal.


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